UX / UI Design

App- & Webdesign


In order to create a successful Appdesign the connection between a good user experience concept and the final user interface design is very important. I provide strategic design solutions in the conceptual phase, build prototypes from low to high fidelity and create pixel perfect design layouts to hand over to developers.


A company without a strong internet presence is almost invisible these days. I will gladly support you in boosting your online presence. Professional, determined, unique. I combine both the aspect of user-friendly operation and strategic marketing aspects to ensure the best possible experience for your customers.

Digital and analog

Illustration & Animation

Illustrations are often a helpful tool to present complex content in a simplified and understandable way. That is why they are very popular for apps or websites to make the applications as user-friendly as possible. They are also perfect for infographics, explainer videos or social media content.

I create digital illustrations in different styles. Depending on the context, the illustrations vary from more serious technical drawings (e.g. for medical devices) or playful & colorful styles.

Bring your Illustrations to life.

Logo Animation

Make your Logo special.

Explainer Video

Present complex content in a simplified way.

Social media content

Generate attention with motion.

App Animation

For a great user experience.

User Interface Design

Software Design

The focus of good software design is  intuitive usability. I am happy to provide suitable UI solutions and to optimize the visual design of your software. The approach depends on the individual starting situation. If there is already an existing design, I use the style manual as a guideline, give design reviews and show pixel-perfect suggestions for improvement. If there is no design yet, we start together with wireframes & prototypes until the final design implementation.

Corporate Design

Branding & CI

Branding, Logodesign and Identity – The key to your success is brand awareness. I’ll develop or refine your brand and help you to highlight the core values of your company. Together, we take your brand to the next level – from style guides to logos, typographic concepts, website and social media presence.



Sample of projects


The human brain can process images much faster than text. Therefore, infographics are the best way to show complex context in a simple way, e.g. to present timelines in an appealing way or to point out comparisons. The type of design depends primarily on the target group.




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Daniela Schneider

User Interface | Visual Design

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Daniela Schneider

User Interface | Visual Design

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Daniela Schneider

User Interface | Visual Design

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